1st International Disaster Management Conference (IDMC 2018)

“Refugee, Migration, Security and Cooperation”

Dear Scientists and Disaster Management Stakeholders

Since the large scale earthquake which happened in Japan, 2011, and caused, through the tsunami it triggered, the death of a great many people, billions of dollars of financial damage and a radioactive leak whose detrimental effect may last for years, the question “what can we do in order to minimise the disaster-induced loss” has been asked more frequently. The global answer seekings for such questions eventually introduced a study of a suggestion packet prepared for the years 2015-2030 to reduce disaster risks. According to this suggestion packet, called as Sendai Framework, the countries have come to terms with applying all current scientific items of integrated disaster management system to minimise disaster risks and reduce the disaster-induced loss within the specified period. Our country, too, under this agreement framework, makes effort to be able to remove the sensibilities it has against disasters or to reduce them to a reasonable level. Yet, the political, demographical and strategical characteristics of the geography we live in, continue adding, along with natural disasters, the risks caused by a great many different problems as well. The most important of these are the migration of three million Syrian refugees to our country due to the latest developments in the Middle East, and the threats imposed on civilians by terrorist organisations which have received the supports of the sovereign powers with the aim of having control over this vulnerable geography. From this point of view, in our country which has high experience about natural disasters, particularly about earthquake and landslide, taking its immigration experience into consideration as well, we have decided to organise an International Disaster Management Congress by which we wish to discuss the subject of disaster management in utter detail and to assess the related studies carried out all around the world. We are honoured and pleased to invite all academicians and scientists who want to share their studies on disaster management to the congress to be carried out at Gümüşhane University, Gümüşhane, Turkey on 22-24 October 2018.

IDMC 2018 Organizing Board